A Day in the Life of JV Girls Basketball
Posted 01/20/2023 02:58PM

A Day in the Life of JV Girls Basketball

by: Kendall Zakowich

As a Wooster student I am so grateful that I get to participate in JV basketball even though I only go to practice three times a week because of dance. JV basketball is fun because you get to play in basketball games but you also have a more chill practice because it is not varsity. Our coach Mr. Carone makes basketball more enjoyable rather than stressful. So today I will be telling you what a day of JV girls basketball practice looks like.

Practice goes from 4-5:15 most days and we either are in the Small Gym by ourselves or split the Forever Young Gym with the girls varsity team. In practice we always start with running a couple of laps and then doing dynamics. In practice we do layup lines, shooting drills, defensive drills and offensive drills. We have also learned a few plays this year in practice such as five out, zone, and stack. We will usually practice these drills in practice. Since there are 11 of us on the team we usually have five of us playing offense and five of us on defense. We are still working on defensive drills in practice and offensive drills. Everyday in practice we all are either confused or laughing usually when we are practicing five out or learning a new drill.

Then usually for the last 15-30 minutes of practice we scrimmage, trying to apply the plays that we have learned. While we are scrimmaging we are either screaming trying to communicate or hyping each other up and just laughing with each other and Coach Carone. Throughout everyday we all get closer and make inside jokes or just get annoyed (in a fun way) with each other when we are playing basketball.

Overall JV girls basketball ball is just a place to learn how to play a sport without it being intense. Everyday something happens in practice whether it's us laughing with each other, being really confused, screaming or someone getting hit in the face with a basketball. So typically this is what a normal JV basketball practice looks like at Wooster.

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